Categorization & Tagging

Use hyScore|analyze to instantly classify, tag and categorize any text or website within a moment.

Example: You can use the weighted keywords and the categories to automate your processes and structure your content – for a single website, raw text or a complete content network.

  • More than 400 standard hyScore categories available
  • Several brand safety categories including e.g. Adult, Crime, Death & injury, etc.
  • IAB v1/v2  (Tier1/Tier2) Categories included in JSON response
  • Weighted Keywords in the surface (How a user would read it) and in normalized version
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Analysis of any website or of a raw text

The provided information can be used for automating your content managing system in terms of tagging and categorize new and historical article for a single website or a whole content network.

It helps to structure unstructured data and find similar content or topics within your site and network.

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