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In today’s world, it is mandatory to automate the delivery of content. Publishers and Users recognize that a lot of today’s’ delivered video and video advertising frequently don’t match with the website content. They often see irrelevant media content, especially if the delivery is automated via a 3rd party and not manually selected by an editorial office.

With hyScore, we deliver analysis and structured data for video technology companies, publishers, and advertisers to have the basis to ease the matching between the content environment and the best matching video.


  • Video technology companies have developed great video player’s and video management platforms, but often they struggle to provide features for the contextual delivery of video content.
  • Many (News-)Publishers use external video libraries and provider to automate, deliver and enhance their content with video and video advertising, often without ensuring that this happens in the right context.
  • The consumer or user is – usually – annoyed seeing an irrelevant or disturbing video content/advertisement which is not related to the website’s content. As an example: “Why is there a video of a celebrity and fashion if I read an article about nature and climate change?”, and is leaving – if that happens more often – to another news portal. 
  • Publishers may risk their relationship with a user, brand or media agency by not providing cutting edge video delivery and targeting methods by showing irrelevant and non-matching videos and video content/ads.

Use Case realized with:

Product: hyScore|analyze, hyScore|media (optional)

hyScore analyse data in usage: 

  • IAB Categories v2 per URI
  • Weighted Keywords & Entities per URI
  • Optional: Sentiment information on Website/URI level

Prerequisite: First or Third-party video player, for example, JW Player, Ooyala Player, Flowplayer, Youtube or some other.

Showing videos and video ads in the context of the content/website.

Video technology provider 

By using hyScore|analyze as video technology provider you are able to sell “contextual capabilities” to your clients. Our cloud-based technology allows you to easily plug-in our content intelligence platform. With the analysis results, from websites content (via URI) and the video description/transcription (text), you’ve more than enough information to provide a cutting edge contextual video solution.

Some video technology providers are using our technology to provide the best matching videos and video advertising already.

Publisher and content networks 

By using hyScore|analyze as Publishers you can optimize your credibility and bolster the user’s engagement with your site. How and why? Studies are showing that contextual video delivery and video advertising works much better than random shown videos and ads that are not connected to the content of the article/website. Use the weighted and scored keywords and categories in combination with your video technology stack or provider to drive more user engagement on your website and show always relevant content. We provide the base to do so.


Already used by…

    Video technology companies

    • Video technology provider use hyScore|analyze and other hyScore products to enrich their video player and platform-technology with additional functionality and meta information for better video matching. Due to the URI or text analysis in real-time, they can consider contextual insights directly in the processing to make better decisions on video content delivery.
    • hyScore is used to save time in terms of time-to-market and gain faster a proof-of-concept. Video technology companies don’t have to hire a special team for Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) by using our hyScore|custom services.
    • hyScore|analyze is easy and fast to integrate for any kind of software developer. It is usable for several use-cases around video and integrated within less than 15 minutes.

    Publisher and networks 

    • Publishers use hyScore|analyze to classify and categorize their (historical) and newly produced content to be able to embed videos from an internal or external video library in the context of the content.
    • The goal is to increase user engagement, higher user retention and provide a good user experience with good and relevant video content.
    • Publishers are showing new and more meaningful videos and support their editorial office to easily find actual or best matching videos for their content.
    • Additional benefit: Publishers increase monetization by showing videos combined with video advertising. They can achieve higher CPMs (cost-per-mille) due to more sophisticating advertising targeting methods and higher campaign performance.

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