Brand Safety

Brand Safety: the problem

Advertisers’ desire for “brand safe” environments often comes with the added requirement of not displaying ads in negatively populated environments.

Previous targeting and tagging methods have typically not allowed the safe exclusion of negative environments.

In short, brand safety describes the process of gaining full transparency into online media so that ads are not placed within or beside inappropriate or potentially harmful content. The longer explanation is more complex. Each brand has its unique offering, vision, and values, so there is no prescriptive list of unsafe media. But generally speaking, brand safety can be defined as steering clear of content that is: illegal (in terms of copyright or subject), salacious, offensive or directly opposed to specific brand principles and image.


  • Advertisers risk damaging the reputation of their products or their brand by placing them on false or inappropriate advertising inventory.
  • Advertising clients want to know where their advertisements were shown, and the money is being spent.
  • Brands don’t want to deliver their advertisement on porn, crime, illegal, malicious, or harmful sites. Furthermore, they don’t want to see their advertisement or product shown in a negative environment. That’s what we call “bad conditions”, apart from the fact that such user comments, as well as lewd video material about children, should not be published and distributed in the first place.

Use Case realized with:

Product: hyScore|analyze and/or hyScore|sentiment   

hyScore analyse data in usage: 

  • IAB Categories v2 per URI
  • hyScores’ Brand Safety categories
  • Weighted Keywords & Entities per URI
  • Optional: Sentiment information on Website/URI level 
  • Optional: Sentiment on keyword, phrase or text section level

Prerequisite: First or Third-party Advertising Technology (Ad-Tech, AdServer), DMP, DSP, SSP

Why is Brand Safety so important? 

The key reason Brand Safety is important is simple: reputations are very fragile. A good reputation can take many years and significant investment to build — for brands, media and publishers — but just needs moments to crumble. With just one misplaced advertising, or low-quality ad served on a premium site, negative associations can be created that damage audience relationships; reducing advertising returns for brands, and revenue for publishers.

Do you refine your Brand Safety by excluding negative messages?

The hyScore algorithms determine not only the general Brand Safety (via category and weighted keywords) but also the general orientation of a text (positive/neutral/negative) – the so-called Sentiment analysis

An automated exclusion of negative environments? This is easily possible with feeding your decision and rule set engine with contextual data.

Build your individual brand safety solution based on hyScores’ analysis data.

Already used by…

    Demand-side: media agencies and brands 

    • hyScore|analyze is being used to analyze websites “on-the-fly” to identify “bad conditions” to deliver a campaign.
    • Decision engines get hyScores’ Brand Safety information to make better decisions to deliver an advertisement campaign or not.
    • Furthermore, hyScore|analyze is being used by agencies and brands to monitor and check if a campaign was delivered in the expected environments booked by the client (post analysis).
    • Agencies and brands use hyScores’ technology to secure that their campaign will be shown in the right and most valuable environment (real-time).

    Supply-side: publisher and networks 

    • Publishers use hyScore|analyze to classify and categorize their (historical) and newly produced content under consideration of harmful and inadequate content for a brands campaign. 
    • Publishers increase monetization by achieving higher CPMs (cost-per-mille) due to more sophisticating targeting methods, ensuring and taking care that the Advertisers have a safe environment to advertise their brands or products.

    Ad-Technology provider

    • Ad-Tech supplier use hyScore|analyze and the provided Brand Safety information to enrich their ad-technology stack with additional functionality. Due to the URL analysis in real-time, they can consider contextual insights directly in the supply chain to make better decisions on ad delivery and keep the brand safe.
    • hyScore is used to save time in terms of time-to-market and gain faster a proof-of-concept. Ad-Tech companies don’t have to hire a special team for Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) by using our hyScore|custom services.
    • hyScore|analyze is easy and fast to integrate for any kind of software developer. It is usable for several use-cases and integrated within less than 15 minutes.

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