Get inspired by how to use contextual data!

You can use the API and its data for use cases like contextual video, content recommendation, tagging, personalization, targeting and audience segmentation, brand safety, site search improvement, digitalization, text extraction, environmental analysis, document analysis and many, many more. Our mission is to reduce the barriers of entry to access contextual intelligence and enrichment.

Our service adds value to several use cases for publishers, advertisers or other projects, apps or platforms. We’re interested and open to your ideas. Just let us know…  

Contextual and ambient data use cases and examples offers a lean API functionality which is easy to use. Find here a couple of inspiring use cases and examples for e.g. online publishers. Learn how to use our contextual keyword extraction for your business.


Friendly advice: These demos are meant for inspiration! None of these demos are showing a “ready to use product”. We deliver the contextual data to enable you to perform similar use cases, to develop your own products or experiment with it! If it will be used in tiny environments or at scale is up to you.

Here is some inspiration for how you can use hyScore for your business:

  • hyScore use case: affiliate
    Use case: Increase your monetization with e.g. amazon associate
  • hyScore use case: brand monitoring
    Monitor your brand by analyzing frequently thousands of relevant publisher websites.
  • hyScore use case: brand safety & sentiment
    Increase your brand safety and brand protection capabilities by using our ambient data and sentiment information. Several brand safety categories are available, e.g. adult, arms, terror, crime, tobacco, death, injury, etc.
  • hyScore use case: contextual advertising
    Use case: Increase your monetization with contextual advertising
  • hyScore use case: content recommendation and internal site linking
    Built your individual content recommendation and improve your internal site and content linking.
  • hyScore use case: contextual video
    Use case: integrate hyScore to show relevant videos in your articles
  • hyScore use casedata management platform (DMP)
    Enrich your user profile with contextual and ambient data. Interests, Brands, Products and more…
  • hyScore use case: digitalization
    You have to catalog thousands of digitalized texts/books and need an automated tagging to structure and organize the texts? Use our text API endpoint to do so.
  • hyScore use case: dynamic advertisements and promotion 
    Create dynamically ads based on the current ambient and context of the website.
  • hyScore use case: personalization
    By looping through a unique identifier you can enrich a users profile with the contextual and ambient data. You get the information what is attracting the user right at the moment and can collect this data to provide user relevant content based on his historical interests. 
  • hyScore use case: site search and site navigation improvements
    Use the weighted keywords and categories to improve your site search and navigation.
  • hyScore use case: website categorization
    Categorize websites at a glance. More than 400 categories are available, incl. IAB v1 and v2 mapping within the JSON response.

For further information, you should take a look at our documentation.