Natural Language Processing (NLP) combined with Machine Learning (ML)

hyScore solutions can be used across industries.

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hyScore has the ability to read content the same way a human would to understand the contextual meaning within content and provides the results in a structured and normalized for further automatic processing.

This allows technology providers, brands, advertisers, publishers or any other company to analyze relevant content at granular text or url page level, and use the technology and data for their specific need.


A summary of hyScore to download and share.

Advertising and Online Marketing

Brand Safety is getting more and more important. Avoid that your brand is shown in questionable and negative environments. Read more…

Contextual Targeting – Show advertisements in matching and context related environments. Read more…

Learn about more interesting use cases such as e.g. native advertising, IAB classification, Malicious Ad Detection and others. Read more…

Content and Media

Categorization and Tagging of text in real-time to automate processes in your editorial department. Don’t waste time with these kinds of tasks. Read more…

Contextual Video – Show video in matching and context related environments to get rid of time-intensive manual matching. Increase the engagement of users, and boost your monetization. Read more…

Learn about more interesting use cases such as e.g. content recommendation, site search, video/audio analysis and others. Read more… 

Customer Experience and User Feedback

Customer feedback analysis in real-time from different channels and sources to get valuable insights about the customer experience and see trending topics. Read more…

Do a daily Product Review analysis from different shops for a product (line) to aggregate this user feedback into meaningful topics.  Read more…


  • Affiliate
  • Shop Recommendation analysis (UGC)


  • Press (PR) & Brand Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Website Comment Analysis (UGC)
  • Research


  • GDPR/DSVGO compliant User Segmentation (cookie-less)



    • Digitalization of Books and Documents (Tagging, etc.)
    • Website Classification
    • Criminalistic security
    • Dark web analysis (on demand)

    Our service adds value to several use cases for online publishers, advertisers, brands or software projects, apps and platforms. We’re interested and open to your ideas. 

    Friendly advice: These use cases and demos are meant for inspiration! None of these examples are showing a “ready to use product“. We deliver the technology, products and knowledge to enable you to perform similar use cases, to develop your own products or experiment with it!

    If it will be used in tiny environments or at scale is up to you.

    Keep in mind that we can provide additional data in a context of a website/URL which is not yet covered by the standard results. Just get in touch and tell us what you’re looking for. We are able to customize our products for your needs.