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Get in touch with our NLP Experts and benefit from their experience.

hyScore API customization

We can customize the contextual API and make individual changes for you. From special adaption of the web-crawler, the scraping of websites and special text to contextual analysis and the training custom taxonomies and categories to achieve the expected results. Get in touch to get an offer. Tell us about your needs and expectation.

Charged on hourly rates.


Personally discuss your needs and intended use-case(s) with our team. We define together your use-case and possible customizations related to the contextual analysis and API service.
Our NLP and Product experts develop individual product ideas based on your business insights.

1-Day Workshop or 2-Day Workshop with one NLP and one Product Expert.

Charged on daily rates.

 NLP Consulting

Get in touch with our Natural Language Processing (NLP) Experts to benefit from their expertise in NLP, Computational Linguistics and Machine Learning. We help you to built datasets to support your needs. Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Linguistics, Language understanding, Data Engineering, Data structuring, and more.

Charged on daily rates.

hyScore API: Enhanced services 

Enhanced Reporting

Get access to enhanced reports that help you to optimize your API usages, such^ as Top URL Error reports, HTTP Status Code reports and others. As an extra service, these reports can be ordered separately at any time. Just get in touch with us. Pre-Condition: you are using our Contextual API Service.

Setup fee plus a monthly provision fee.

Enterprise Reporting

If you need more detailed reports and insights, we can provide you an enhanced access to the API response and the contextual analysis data. We provide you the toolset and infrastructure to access the data easily for individual reports, deeper insights, research and or business analysis.

Setup fee plus a monthly provision fee.

Premium Support

Based on our documentation and FAQs the RESTful API can be integrated in any possible manner. Common questions will be answered by our Support Team ( within  48h. If you need specific integration or custom support, faster response times (individual SLA) get in touch.

Charged on an hourly rates or as monthly fix fee, depending on your specific needs.

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