We are proud to announce the release of our new API search endpoint. The search endpoint is a URL that you use to call the hyScore Search API. This endpoint supports semantic and simple searches for the exact, comparable or similar content of a provided URL, text, keyword(s) or concept (e.g. like “friends and fun”) to get a result list with Top Level Domains (tld), URLs and Keywords occurring in the context of the provided text or single URL in our index database.

With the search endpoint, a couple of new use cases are possible or easier to perform existing cases.

Semantic Search

The semantic search is a search method in which the meaning of a search query (in the Internet or in a digital text archive) is placed in the centre. By using background knowledge, a semantic search engine takes the meaning of texts and search queries into account.

Simple Search

The simple search is a search method in which the search query (on the Internet or in a digital text archive) is executed across all existing data fields (simple full-text search).

The Search Index

The searches can be performed on our hyScore search index, which contains more and more information over time. The index is built over the publicly available content and analysis we execute every day. Every URL analyzed via the hyScore API v3/url and is publicly available automatically is stored the search index. This means if you want to perform searches on content we’ve never seen before you have to use the analysis of API v3/url.

We’re not proactively crawling the whole internet like Google. The search API is a tool to perform searches on your own URL inventory (e.g. via domain filtering) or to identify similar content or to bring them in relation. Within the next few days, we’ll provide more best practice information and add some additional enhancements.

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