hyScore | sentiment


Expressed attitude or mood of written text. 



Our sentiment solution for the analysis of any text provides valuable insights for your business.

hyScore|sentiment analyzes texts such as emails, product reviews (eCommerce), user feedback (Customer Experience) and comments (Publishing, Social Media) using machine learning approaches, artificial intelligence, proprietary algorithms and models that can be individualized.

The solution offers the possibility to understand the contextual meaning of content better than a human being and thereby to determine the mood of the content (e.g. in positive, neutral, negative). Thus, hyScore offers the basis for new products, more efficient processes and new business potentials.

SENTIMENT: Analyzes and converts the mood of a written text into a numeric value that indicates whether the text has a “positive” (max +1), “neutral” (0), or “negative” (max -1) tonality.

INSIGHTS: Detailed text analysis can be combined with other metrics and KPIs to get valuable insights from e.g. user generated texts. Recognize automatically and efficiently valuable information.

BUSINESS: Based on the analysis of e.g. user feedback from social media channels, emails, free texts from questionnaires, comments and product reviews, you gain important insights for the adaptation and optimization of e.g. customer experience or business processes..

LANGUAGE SUPPORT: Sentiment Analysis currently supports four languages (English, German, French and Spanish) and can be extended to other languages upon request.

WEIGHTING: Using machine learning and our sophisticated deep learning algorithms, we identify and weight (“Scoring”) the most valuable keywords, phrases and entities extracted from a text (commentary, etc.).

INDIVIDUALIZATION: The solution can be customized and trained to meet your needs. If, for example, an individual sentiment analysis of a certain industry is more purposeful and concentrates on a certain topic, such as finance – we will be happy to consult you!


Environment analysis for brand safety

Extend your brand safety by identifying negative articles and reports. The need of advertisers for “brand-safe” environments often comes along with the additional requirement not to advertise in an environment with negative connotations.

Combined with our hyScore|analyze solution you’ll get categories such as “adult”, “crime”, “death”, etc.  and additionally keywords to gain a deeper level of information for your (automated) decisions.

Analyze user feedback

From social media channels, comments or questionnaires

Gain deeper insight into your customer feedback. Are there problems in the supply chain? Is the operation of the product too complicated? Are there any quality problems? Are users satisfied with the service? hyScore|sentiment helps to analyze and evaluate user feedback in real time and to take immediate action.

hyScore|sentiment: Short Facts

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