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Create custom segments



hyScore|segments is an add-on function of hyScore|analyze that allows you to create and manage individual keyword segments in over 20 languages. The segments you set up are taken into account in the content analysis and, if applicable (match), are listed separately in the analysis results.

Use hyScore|segments for …

  • campaign specific white- or blacklists in online marketing (brand safety, campaigns),
  • the data enrichment of user profiles with individually created content segments (personalization),
  • context-related questionnaires and event notes (e.g. Christmas campaign, start of school, etc.),
  • competitor and market observation (monitoring),
  • special segments with local, editorial reference (publishing),
  • … and much more.
  • Individually configurable segmentation in addition to the already existing hyScore and IAB categorization.
  • High flexibility through keyword and phrase matching (via full-text analysis).
  • Creation of language-specific segments possible (supports 20 languages).
  • No limits on the individual segments to be created.
  • Free configurable segment name and ID.
  • Real-time editing of keywords and phrases takes directly affects the analysis.
  • Assign your segment for online advertising with an IAB category code.
  • A segment can be activated and deactivated on purpose.
  • Matching segments are output in the JSON analysis result of hyScore|analyze.
  • The result contains the unique match and match count of keywords and phrases within the analyzed text/website for the matched segment(s).

With this tool, we offer publishers and agencies the opportunity to meet their responsibilities to users and advertisers to provide credible content and a secure environment for brands (black- or whitelists) or create individual segments for different purposes (e.g. special topics).

Great API for NLP

We’ve had a great experience using the hyScore API to characterize and categorize websites. It’s a simple to use, fast, and cost-effective way to extract meaning from websites or text that I can only recommend.

Dr. Anselm Schultes, CEO of Fintu Data Science GmbH (fintu.ai) on 8th, March 2019


hyScore|segments is multilingual. Our solution supports more than 20 languages by default. Such as Englisch, German, French, and other European languages or Hindi, Chinese, etc. – find a full list here! 

Scalable & Fast

The analysis of an unknown Text or Website/URL needs on average a (1) second (depending on text size and attributes of the original source). Once we’ve analyzed a website the result is provided in between 50 and 100ms. We’re talking in Real-time. If you need End-of-Day or hourly processing, etc. it is possible.  

SSL secured

It’s simple. It is an Interface (API) working in the background. You can use hyScore|brandrisk for any kind of web- and mobile application or any other platform. As long you can send a request to our API handle the analyzis response.

1.000 API Calls per month for free!

Register for a free account and get 1.000 API Calls per month for free to evaluate our hyScore|segments solution in combination with hyScore|analyze.

hyScore|segments: Short Facts

The hyScore|analyze product and the team behind hyScore are just great. We use their contextual data to enhance several of our products with contextual intelligence. We save a lot of time and money by automate these time consuming processes. If you‘ve special needs and look for a highly customized solution, you should talk to these guys!

Christof Szwarc, CEO of Cormes GmbH

You have questions and want more information about hyScore|segments? We are happy to consult you and help you to use our NLP solutions most effectively for your business or product development. Get in touch with us!