Milestone achieved

We switched from Closed Beta into Beta. That was one major goal before 2016 ends. Milestone achieved. 

Being in beta mode our secondary goal was to provide you some first example use cases to show you a first package of ideas of how to use the service. The use cases we developed are easy to implement and don’t need a lot of effort from a developer.

hyScore™ use cases for publishers

We identified four initial use cases and believe that a minimum of one case should be interesting for you as a publisher. Our teams favorite is use case 3 – the contextual video player.

  • Use case 1: hyScore™ : affiliate. If you are participate in the amazon associates program this use case might be interesting for you… read more.
  • Use case 2: hyScore™ : contextual advertising. We show you some simple use case of a contextual advertising … read more.
  • Use case 3: hyScore™ : contextual video. Integrate hyScore with your video player to show relevant videos in your articles. It works with YouTube, Flowplayer, JWPlayer, etc… read more.
  • Use case 4: hyScore™ : DMP. Enrich your user profiles with additional data in realtime. You are now able to add the contextual information of a article to a unique user ID to get a more detailed profile of a user… read more.

Please let us know your opinion. What do you think about the use cases? Any other ideas? Leave us a comment! Thanks in advance.