Try our demo!

Friendly advice: These demos are meant for inspiration! None of these demos are showing a “ready-to-use product”. We deliver the contextual data to enable you to perform similar use cases, to develop your own products or experiment with it! If it’s been used in tiny environments or at scale is up to you. API

In this section we show you some simple demo use cases of how you can use e.g. extracted keywords provided by our API:


    • Contextual analysis  (Use case demo)
      Extract scored and weighted keywords, keyword types, categorization, etc. from a single URL or any text/article example.


    • Contextual video (Use case demo)
      Get a dynamic video playlist based on the extracted keywords of a single URL to increase your video views and monetization options.




    • Sentiment analysis  (Simple Demo) 
      The entiment analysis is part of the default JSON response. Currently available in DE/EN. More to follow…



    • bookmarklet (API v2)
      Demo for “One-click” analysis, last update: October, 12th 2017Add the “hyScore Bookmarklet” manually as “Bookmark” to your browser’s bookmark bar. Visit a website and click on “ analysis”.
      Analyse with a single click the website you are visiting. You get the API JSON Response, weighted keywords & keyword types, categories, the sentiment and more. More information about bookmarklets you’ll find here: Wikipedia.How-to install the bookmarklet (example: Safari)

About the demo use case(s) and tool:

    • The first analysis of a “new” URL we didn’t analyze yet may take a few moments (between 20 ms and 2-3 sec depending on the size of content and latency of the source). A second request for the same URL shows the result within 100ms or faster. We’re permanently optimizing this based on the load of the service.
    • The demo use cases are multilingual. That means you can use any URL which is supported by our language detection.
    • If the language doesn’t match the content than there might be several languages involved.
    • If the result shows fewer keywords the provided URL might contain less text to analyze. Simple rule: more content – better results.
    • This web demo is limited to some basic functionality so that e.g. custom variables (UUIDs, etc.) and other functionality are not enabled.
    • If there is no website category the website wasn’t categorized by our partner yet.

More to follow…