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hyScore is a unique place to work. With the location in Berlin, Germany, the team is comprised of great talent from different nationalities, professions and backgrounds. Together, we create Europe’s leading Contextual Intelligence Platform, driven by a joint passion for the business, technology and, most important, the people we work with every day.

Current job openings in Berlin, Germany:

Computational Linguist (female/male)

Computational Linguists work at hyScore to drive improvements in quality, classification, information structure and natural language understanding and generation. As a Computational Linguist, you will work both on complex projects spanning multiple products, clients, disciplines and on tightly focused efforts to produce specific product and customized components or answer specific research questions.

Data Scientist (female/male)

At hyScore, we rely on powerfully insightful data to power our NLP/ML systems and solutions. We’re seeking an experienced data scientist to deliver that insight to us on a daily basis. Our ideal team member will have the mathematical and statistical expertise you’d expect, but a natural curiosity and creative mind that’s not so easy to find.

Working at is just awesome. We deal with the latest technologies and learn new things day by day. I love the atmosphere and attitude, which is relaxed and open-minded. Anyone can add his personal skills and experiences so that we always find the best solution for us and our clients to solve their needs. hyScore supports and extends on well trained and motivated staff who work with a high degree of knowledge and a high level of self-responsibility, who are constantly willing to learn and accept change.

Daniel Kirchner

Junior Developer, GmbH, Coburg/Berlin, Germany

Insights of our cosy office…

Whiteboard and paper tapestry… to note your ideas instantly!

One of our (meeting) rooms to discuss, think, rest and chill.

The coffee-corner with the nice outlook on the Reichenberger Str. and Kottbuser Tor.

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