Exclusive contextual segments from hyScore are available in the Active Agent DSP’s Contextual Marketplace. With the help of hyScore Advanced Contextual Technology (hyScore ACT), the advertising message is delivered exclusively in article environments and topic areas defined by you. 

Here, the artificial intelligence-based hyScore ACT identifies and weights relevant page content such as phrases, keywords, categories and sentiment in real time. Based on this data, hyScore creates exclusive Contextual Segments for Active Agent, which are extremely granular and offer the possibility to occupy even very detailed topic areas – and all this without any cookie reference or consent.

To start with, hyScore provides more than 100 categories and sub-categories in the Marketplace, which can also be linked to each other. Over time we’ll add other exciting contextual segments to the selection. If you miss a specific topic we can add it within the same day. Just talk to us or get in touch with your Active Agent contact person. 

Special attention should be paid to the special segments, such as “Daily news -> EM2021”, which, like all hyScore segments, are dynamic and continuously renewed several times during the day.

You can find the contextual segments in your Actice Agent Account at Line Item > Targeting > Contextual

In addition, it is possible for Active Agent clients to let create and link individually tailored Contextual Segments for a specific campaign or brand client via hyScore directly in their DSP seat.

Just talk to us. Fill out the contact form or write an email to contact@hyscore.io. We’re happy to consult and assist you.