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Cookies vanishing… But what does that mean for your online ad campaigns?




Google’s move of the demise of the cookie exposes that the most of the advertising industry is still too reliant on third party cookies. The restriction of Cookies from Safari, Firefox, now Google Chrome will change the online advertising landscape long term.

If you were not yet ready to adopt alternative methods of tracking and targeting, it is NOW time. The vanishing of the cookie is imminent and advertisers must prepare sooner rather than later.

Be cookie-less future ready! Elevate with hyScore|ACT and maximize ROI, outpace competitors, and streamline your ad spend!

ACT|insights (ACTi) provides a deep intel for your online ad campaigns. Start to allocate and optimize your budget wisely and based on real knowledge.

Advanced Contextual Targeting (ACT) enables you to reach consumers at the exact moment they are reading an article of interest or making a buying decision.

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